Sunday, February 03, 2008

Feeds You Need

It's Blogroll Amnesty Day. When you're done shedding all those old, unread blogs, why not pick up a nice new coat of shiny science blogs to try on? I've got a few suggestions below, the caveat being that I'm partial to blogs that offer full posts in their RSS feed, so those that force me to click through did not make the list:

  • Agricultural Biodiversity Weblog. I love this blog and I'm not even sure why! It's so darn interesting to be reading about Golden Rice one day and the rediscovery of an ancient Cambodian pepper the next. The folks that run ABW are really good at rounding up relevant links.
  • Niches. How Wayne manages to put up such large posts so regularly, I'll never know. But he's been doing it for years, posts spanning topics from ecology to climate change to his enduring battle with Japanese stiltgrass. Once Wayne went away on vacation and left up a link to a webcam which featured footage of several cats running around his house with knocked over tables and such. Good times.
  • The Voltage Gate. The SciBlings don't really need any more publicity, but I couldn't help but mention TVG as one of my favorite reads. Great science writing, some great nature writing, and an odd affinity for World of Warcraft creatures. Really just great writing all around.
  • The annotated budak. Go for the excellent photos, stay for the excellent nature blogging. Actually, budak posts on a variety of topics including arthropods, coastal ecosystems, and his travels. budak also send in lots of stories to the ISW so maybe I am a bit biased, but really, look at this velvet ant!

Any good-but-lesser-known science blogs I've missed? Post 'em in the comments.


Jeremy said...


Thanks so much for your very kind words. It is really nice to know that you enjoy what we are doing.

Luigi said...

Indeed. Many thanks, Jennifer. Best, Luigi

Anonymous said...

Voltage Gate is certainly one of my favorites. Thanks for the suggestion of the others ;-)

BTW, we've had blog scrapers and rebloggers email to complain about our having a full post feed and yet claim copywrite.

We tell 'em that you got your request in first.