Monday, March 05, 2007

Koi Blog Wandering?

Well whaddya know? Turns out that Maine restaurant owner who had his pet koi confiscated has gone and gotten them back. Sure, his tank has to be locked (to prevent errant fish from wandering off I suppose ;-)) and he has to display a permit along with a note that koi are an invasive species, but it sounds like Mr. Ly is pretty happy with the outcome. At least this has got to be good, albeit expensive ($11,000) publicity for the restaurant.

Be sure to check out MaineToday's slideshow of the "reintroduction" of the koi to the restaurant, their timeline, and the always interesting user comments at the bottom of the page. The ISW previously covered this story back in July and November of 2006.

Update 03/06/07: Apparently this story is so big, the New York Times is covering it.

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