Friday, March 09, 2007

On The Squids

We're going a little cryptic for today's special special cephalo-friendly post:

You'd think it would be news enough that they found a giant squid off the coast of the Florida Keys. Now The News-Press is reporting that the specimen has been identified as Asperoteuthis acanthoderma, until now known only from the Pacific Ocean. Is A. acanthoderma a new arrival in the Atlantic, or is that part of its native range? So few specimens have ever been found, biologists cannot say for sure. Perhaps we can all agree, however, that the last thing the Atlantic Ocean needs is a 25-foot-long invasive species of squid.

A certain 50-years-young someone had better be very appreciative of this silly squid story ;-). Those of you in a more serious mood may feast instead on these cryptic invaders:

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