Saturday, March 24, 2007

Weekend Photoblogging

Peared Up
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Bradford pears (Pyrus calleryana, also known as Callery pears) are all lined up and ready to get planted at my local Lowe's. Here in Massachusetts, it is legal to sell this species, as it is not on our state's invasive list, but it is certainly a problem plant elsewhere in the U.S.

It's nice that Lowe's is trying to be helpful to their customers by tagging their garden plants with big bright labels, but I would be happier if people made their decisions about what to plant using more than just whether the species produce FLOWERS, FRUIT or EXTRA SWEET FRUIT :-).

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Anonymous said...

Just when I think it is safe to go back into the water, I find out the Bradford Pear is "weed of the week." I spent the March 19 weekend in Athens, GA, where I was captivated by all the Bradford Pears in bloom. Despite that rain on my parade, I got to visit a very smart and pretty lady there, so I am not totally discouraged by the tree news.