Thursday, December 08, 2005

Ask and They Shall Reprieve

According to this report from NBC 30, the animal rights' group Friends of Animals has withdrawn its request to place a temporary restraining order that would have stopped the euthanization of monk parakeets (Myiopsitta monachus) following the removal of their utility pole nests in Connecticut. This development occurred after United Illuminating Co. stated that they are done removing birds - for this season. UI has also pledged not to try to catch any of the birds that eluded capture, though it is unclear whether the species can survive a New England winter without a nice warm nest. Friends of Animals does still plan on going ahead with a lawsuit, expected to be filed in January, that would stop UI from taking apart the nests.

Meanwhile, a report in the Connecticut Post claims that the cost for capture and euthanization was almost $700 for each parrot, and Friends of Animals is broadcasting the article on their own website. But part of the reason for this has to be that UI has agreed not to go after escaped birds - if they had managed to capture the 400 birds that are estimated to have escaped, the cost per parrot would have been as much as much 66% lower.

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