Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Florida Gets Some Racing Stripes

Who's the cool new fly in town? If you're in Florida, it must be Zaprionus indianus, a Drosophilid (fruit fly) first discovered back in July. Z. indianus (known as Z. Indy to close friends and congeners) has two sleek white racing stripes running from its eyes down to its wing base, making it one of the coolest-looking African fruit flies you'll ever see. Likes: figs, guava and reproducing multiple times per year. Dislikes: insecticides and fruit with the skin still intact. Scientists think the fly made its way into North America via Brazil and expect that it will continue to expand its range (next stop California?).

Thanks to Bob C. for sending in a note about this story.

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Unknown said...

Florida strain comes directly from the old world. Second invasion in western states of South American invasion, expanded through panama and Mexico into the USA.