Thursday, December 29, 2005

Routes and Radicals

Researchers from Michigan have put together a controversial cost/benefit analysis for invasive species management in the Great Lakes, according to this story from the Duluth News Tribune. In the report, Taylor and Roach conclude that it would cost a lot less to completely close off the St. Lawrence Seaway to saltwater traffic than it currently costs to control invasive species in the Great Lakes system. Perhaps one of the reasons behind the criticism of the report is that the costs would be shifted from the utilities and government agencies that currently bear the brunt of it onto the shippers themselves. You can grab the entire report, including peer reviews, here (via Dave's Blog). It will be interesting to see if this radical option is given any serious consideration by the stakeholders involved in this issue.

Bonus points to the Duluth News Tribune for making ships sound cute by referring to them as "salties" :-).

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