Thursday, August 24, 2006

Bow Regards

There is an interesting article from the Detroit Free Press about a fisherman that volunteers his "services" to anyone in Michigan with a lake filled with fishy invaders like carp (but also natives like gar and dogfish too). What makes this story worth posting is the way this guy makes his catches: night bow-fishing. That's right, not just fishing, but fishing with a bow on a 21-foot pontoon boat lit up like a cruise ship (see photo accompanying article).

A nuisance, or a valiant effort to fight invasive species? The noise and light certainly hasn't made this guy a lot of friends among those who own lakeside property, and a fisheries biologist notes that there's no way this technique could be removing enough carp to make a dent in that problem. I think the guy's just in it for the sport. But it sounds better than the anti-bow fishing Carp Anglers Group, who catch the darn things and then release them back into the water.

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