Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Oh Seychelles, You See

The Seychelles Nation is reporting that the Republic of Seychelles recently designated an official ballast water exchange zone for ships stopping at their island nation. The decision is a direct result of the discovery of three species of introduced bryozoans in the island waters. The site of exchange, located about 80 miles from Port Victoria, is now marked on all charts distributed to visiting ships.

At the end of the article, there is a note from an IUCN scientist that ballast discharge is less of an issue for Seychelles because it is mainly a country of imports, meaning that ships are weighed down by the goods they arrive with and need to take on ballast water when they depart. I look forward to the results of the IUCN study that will reveal whether this is truly the case (though it apparently started in 2004 so I am not sure what its status is).

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GK said...

The most important accessory which you have to bring with you on the Seychelles is earplugs. A good beginning for a journey report! Maybe I should call it ”travel impressions”,yes, that will do. Concerning the importance of earplugs: birds, dogs, cocks and other animals make every morning at about 6.00 pm an unbearable noise. The tropical rain which rains down on sheet metal roofs and plastic-like palm leafs often before sunrise sounds like a train passing by.