Sunday, August 06, 2006

Weekend Blog Blogging

This week in invasive species blogging:

  • AOL's Down to Earth blog reviews Alan Burdick's book, "Out of Eden," and gives it a thumbs up.
  • Want to know what invasive plants plague Thomasville, Alabama? Check out this post over at April's Insider Report.
  • Mr. Punky Kitten blogs about garlic mustard. Mr. Punky Kitten??? lol
  • The Calypso Island Chronicles posts about the Mexican sunflower, Tithania diversifolia, an invasive species in Asia and Africa.
  • The Kids in the Creek created an invasive species pamphlet to print and distribute to folks in Shasta County, California.
  • Roger over at Words & Pictures posts about a survey about invasive plants in Britain. He's got some valid criticisms, and a copy of their silly poster.

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