Saturday, August 19, 2006

Weekend Photoblogging

The Wizard of Kudzu
Originally uploaded by a47nn.

Some major pareidolia going on here...Looks like the kudzu has not only taken over a light pole, it is preparing to cast a spell over all of North Carolina! Oh wait, it already has? :-) The light on that pole has ceased functioning, by the way.

Thanks to a47nn on Flickr for allowing me to post this on the ISW.


Jim Rosenberg said...

I know you're not trying to sneak a little dig at NC in the side door, becaue if you were, you'd be risking a shock and awe retaliation campaign from your longtime pal, Mr. Sun. I don't care what you've got in your diabolical lab there, I'm ready for you.

Anonymous said...

Looks like people are not alone playing golf to me. That's my own perception over that photo. See how wonderful can nature play with our minds too. Strange but it's true!

firefly said...

Not to get the Rorschach meme started, but to me this looks like some mutant Davy-Crockett-shaped topiary, like the Paul Bunyan statues you see occasionally.